Body Chakra Frequency Healing Advance with Aromatherapy

Body Chakra Frequency Healing Advance with Aromatherapy

Class type : Group
Schedule type : class dates/times can be fully customized and started within few days
Average class size : 11-to-15
Number of sessions : 2
Duration per session : 5 Hrs
Required skill level :  All Levels
Age range (0-99) :   18-99
Certificates (specify) :   Shreem Interntional Certification
All materials provided :  Yes
Other fees (e.g. registration, materials, transportation) : na
Other important info (e.g. prerequisites, things students need to bring) :  Interest in subject and Compass of there choice
Class schedule (exact dates / days / times / opening hours) :  Weekdays and Weekends


Ancient wisdom, each petal meaning, elements associate with reach chakra petals, Sense associated with each petals, masculine or feminine associated with each petals, each god and sacred goddess associated with each chakra and petals, smell of each petal physical, emotional, psychological effect of each petals, Planets associated with each chakra and petals ,how your chakras and petals resonate with your home or environment smell of each petal methods of opening each petal, healing meditation -mantra of each petal, dowsing and healing of each petal, checking and balancing polarities methods modalities and practice sessions.

Introduction and History of Aromatherapy Methods of Extractions from bud, stem, petals, leaves and importance of composition:

  • Essentials oils & Herbs for chakra opening /Cleansing
  • Essentials oil & Herbs for Chakras petals and cleansing 5 elements ,5 Senses
  • Essentials oil & Herbs for Balancing Planets in Body
  • Essentials oil & Herbs for Home enhancements
  • Essentials oil & Herbs for Daily medicinal use for day to day life
  • Essentials oil & Herbs for Health and emotional wellness
  • Essentials oil & Herbs for Aura Protection and Aura Enhancements
  • Essentials oil & Herbs, Crystal Dust with dowsing for effective and fast healing for chronic blockages
  • Essentials oil & Herbs for Work, Office, Growth and Abundance and protection

Essentials oil & Herbs as per client Date of Birth, checking his elements and completing the missing elements by nature

Every bit of this soo practical and handy to use in day to life and Transforming to extend to change your perspective towards life and one start Healing Helping straight away after the course -adding value and mission to life.


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